Update 3.0.0 live

Changes from previous versions

- Unit information bottom window now automatically hides when there is no unit selected
- Fixed units still being shown in carrier when deploying in next campaign scenario
- Allow FLAK units to have their transport upgraded
- Better highlight of air units when air mode button is pressed
- Fixed transport and names for German Anti Tank / Air Defense units thanks to Alexander Sayenko
- Better message at the end of Campaigns which will show decorations and battle statistics.
- When campaign ends player is now taken to main screen instead of being shown just DEFEAT message.
- Fix attacking units highlight when map is zoomed
- Better unit selection highlight
- Fix for UI issue when unit had 0 fuel/ammo
- Added Campaign Dossier that will show battle statistics and medals. Accessible from the top tun info by clicking on the medal button.
- Show real unit information when clicking on Unit List/Deploy window.
- Better top window unit list with core units more visible.
- Better top window unit list with icons to indicate that unit has not moved, attacked or needs resupply.
- Better top window unit list with sorted units by core yes/no, class, name.
- Movement hexes are now shown darker if they are not spotted (or with an icon if Show Terrain Icons is enabled from Settings)
- Several scenario fixes for wrong terrain thanks to Alexander Sayenko
- Better font antialiasing
- Fixed Strategic Zoom moving right side Menu out of screen
- Better UI for unit info window with Leader/Transport info button in the left.
- Clicking on an already selected unit now deselects unit.
- Added difficulty settings for Campaigns. Now players can choose between Historical > Tactical > Operational which control the prestige allocation.
- Added Supply hexes as deployment hexes
- Renamed units images that had adXXX name that were triggering browsers adblock.
- Better Save/Load from Cloud which will remember last 3 saved games
- Fixed Brilliant Victory turns from 1 to 10 in Fourth Battle of Kharkov
- Added Close button


OpenPanzer 3.0.0 linux x64.zip 156 MB
Nov 28, 2018
openpanzer-3.0.0.dmg 181 MB
Nov 28, 2018
OpenPanzer 3.0.0 win x64-Setup.exe 134 MB
Nov 28, 2018

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having problem with russian flak units not being able to attack Italians or any other ground units within their range, even range of one