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Historical tactical scale World War 2 turn based strategy game, that puts the player in the role of an Axis or Allied army officer. You command battalion level units with the objective to fight with the enemies and to defeat crucial landscapes such as the cities, battlefields and other key strategic points.  Forge a battle winning army and conquer your foes. Do you have what it takes to be a Panzer Marshal ?

“No plan survives contact with the enemy”
                                                                  --  Field Marshal Erwin Rommel


• USA, German and Soviet campaigns in 100+ historical accurate scenarios, and introductory tutorial scenario. 
• 4000 historically accurate units, each unit having more than 20 stats and only being available depending on scenario year, based on AdlerKorps equipment. 30 countries available. 
• Build you own core army, train your core units to increase their experience, gain prestige to upgrade or buy new units, carry them over scenarios as the campaign progresses. 
• Units can gain Leaders in combat for more abilities 
• Special unit actions depending on unit class 
• Cross platform save/load game state at anytime beside the automatic turn save . Cloud based save/load game facility to continue playing on other devices. 
• 20 Terrain types that influence combat, weather and ground conditions, automatic reinforcements. 
• Strategic overview map of entire battlefield, clean user interface that never hides the battlefield from player. 
• Full featured unit upgrade/purchase Equipment window with sorting and filtering 

Thank you for your support,

Panzer Marshal

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I I have a few suggestions to improve overall gameplay first the tank overrun ability is way too overpowered I'm playing on historical difficulty and I'm about 20 scenarios into the das Reich campaign and about 17 of them are brilliant victories and as much as I want to think that I'm just an amazing clear I can basically wipe out most of the enemy Force with one or two tanks maybe you could make it so that the overrun ability has like a 50/50 chance of being triggered or I can only be done once at most

another suggestion would be to somehow work in bonuses or advantages or disadvantages to attacking from multiple directions or from being surrounded

it's too easy to resupply maybe make it so that you can only receive resupply if your unit is within a few hexes of a hex with your own flag or from a supply unit which itself cannot resupply without going to victory hex but once it does resupply at a victory hex it can travel to another part of the map and resupply units

I really think that you need to flesh out the experience question of the game because you gain leader 350 experience or whatever but from then on don't get anything wrong I have a tank unit with a thousand experience it doesn't gain any more experience so apparently that that is the cap but it only has one meter and no other benefits for having that much experience so maybe prairie 300 experience and gets a leader that has one ability rather than 1 leader with two abilities for all of your experience

maybe you could I had a window that's kind of like where you purchase your units but instead you or spend experience points kind of and once he unit gains enough experience points it can purchase extra abilities kind of maybe like seeing if you treating it has enough experience then you could open the window and use the experience points to give it the ability to ridge Rivers build a bridge or can have sapper ability and can disabled minefields without wasting their attackor maybe that could just be bought with prestige points and has nothing to do with experience points and instead the more experienced it has a certain levels that just came better stats

 load from disk options on Android app does not work I don't know if it's because it's not saving it correctly because it does give me the option to load a save that I've already saved but after it says that it has been loaded I exit out of settings and I'm still in  the same scenario and the turn doesn't change and issue with the paratroopers and the Android version still access does  not give an option to load them on transport at airfield's

The hardest campaign ever


Congratz !

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I dont get the scenario Rostov Defense. My entire army was wiped out! They just kept comming, even after the 15 turns had passed?

I reloaded and cheated this time, not deploying with the restrictions. However, here too the scenario is really hard and although I have been able to counter attack and destroy god knows how many Red Army units.

Where is that reinforcement hex located?

I have captured all flags on the map now, destroyed all Red Army units, nothing happens. It is turn26 out of 15? No road block or anything.

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just keep defense and have all objective hex and wait until turn 15 and a reinforce unit will arrive ( red dot ) and it will have a roadblock ( red cross ) kill it and move the unit in to that position


Thanks, ill try it out.

or if it not have a road block just move to this crossmark 👇👇👇


I like the ability to scale the menus and the map. I'm 52 yo now and my eyes are not like they were at 22. So I can increase the size to suit my eyes. I wish It had the ability to slow down the unit movement even more. I'd  like watch the panzers rumble a bit slower across the map.

Nicu, I found the campaign in Poland way too easy, finished Warta, by 15 turn, Counterattack in 12 and Burza pocket in 10, yet to play Warsaw. The A1 seems to be too easy for some players.  Ways to solve: Have three levels of difficulty for A1?  Limit prestige for the different levels?  Enjoy the game very much,! When can we expect a new version?  Where and when can I make a contribution?


Thanks for the feedback. There is a difficulty setting when you start campaign maybe the next difficulty would be something that also limits the units on the map beside prestige.

A new version is in works although I'm in a busy period atm but aiming for a new release till the end of May. Donations can be made on this website before downloading if you wish. I'm mainly going to use these donations, once there would be enough, to keep the game in the iOS store and maybe Steam in the future.

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Is there a way to make the play area fill the whole screen? I have big grey areas in the tutorial and the first campaign, but the second campaign's play area fills the whole screen.

Seems like a waste of screen real estate to play a long campaign with an unnecessarily limited view of the map.

Thanks for putting this great game together, Nicu. I hope you can fix this niggling annoyance so I can get stuck in! :)

EDIT: The problem is only on the PC and web clients. Android is fine.

EDIT2: Now I'm noticing that left or right clicking anywhere makes the map move upward slightly. Not sure what's making this happen. :\

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Hello, I was just wondering why are the campaigns "Liebstandarte" and "Wacht Am Rhein" unavailable in the Android app but in my laptop i could play those campaigns? just asking, thanks! or maybe it might be because of the country my google play is in or my phone?

Hello Nicu! I love your game so much, finally panzer general on iPhone!!!

Can we have the good old BlitzKrieg campaign from the original SSI panzer general 2?

(1 edit)

I don't think that's allowed, I'm not sure about the legal implications but Panzer General 2 is still sold by GoG.

(1 edit) (+1)

it seems like your Android version of the game happens to have a few more issues than the PC version because in addition to the problems that I mentioned earlier in this comment section ( in the campaign versions of every scenario there is no option to embark paratroopers on a transport plane although the option for embarking paratroopers works just fine in the solo versions of the cenarios and then the second issue mentioned was that not all core units that were still alive and should have progressed to the next level but did not end up transferring to the next scenario when playing in The lieberstandte campaign the end of every scenario in the new campaign that I have played so far, which is roughly a third of the campaign, ) I was playing the das Reich campaign on historical and after getting a brilliant Victory and the seventh French army North Rush the next scenario it sent me to send out a place it was the Kiev encirclement konotop and the weirdest part was that in the solo scenario of this scenario the Russians have actual units like infantry and what not but in the campaign version when it sent me there after the 7fh army rush north there is nothing but anti-air flak guns and nothing else throughout the entirety of the map... And the when i try to go to the next turn my units dont resupply it doesnt show that there is a new turn and then I'll click on a unit and all of a sudden some of my units can fire but not all of them theres something very wrong

(1 edit)

i also have some problems too when i win some scenorio and i save it in to my disk and when  i load that save it have the flak 38 add in my core unit even i don't buy it i don't know why but i hope they will fix this soon 

Android has the same code base as the standalone version. The difference in campaign path can be checked in campaign screen by pressing the 3rd button on the bottom (the one with the map icon). As for paratroopers I will have to  check this and also improve the mechanic.

is it the behind enemy lines ?

Strange bug, would you care to save to cloud and give me the save game ID ?


it happen in archen map too

Why aren't you using the Android app instead of playing in browser ? Do you know your Android version/Device model ?

just fyi ive been using the browser version as well rather than android and all of the issues that ive reported are actually from the browser version... I did not know you had an app for panzer marshal just open panzer, and even back when 8t was open panzer I would use the browser version because of the extra campaigns... I will download the app and see if the issues are still present

i know but play i browser is good and stable than androin version in androin version it have more problems than browser 

need more campaign!!!

look like it a littel bit cheating 

(2 edits)

it's my game bug but i can fix it now( my second bug)

ok i can fix it now(again!) and i have some fun 

Even if you move closer ? I will need to check, last time I checked I could enter hex (see below).

don't worry is just a bug  i exit  and re enter the game and my unit can cupture that hex 

also i finish another campiagn :D))

and another campiagn :))

Hey Nicu! I was wondering if there is a site where we can see what the unit statistics do and how they are calculated in battle. That would be REALLY helpful and awesome

No, but that's a good idea, maybe even an in-game detail log.

Yes that would be greatly appreciated, I've always wondered what some of those symbols meant. I think this idea would help the player manage his spending and add another level of depth to the game. But I love this game thanks so much! Are your working on 3.3 or is that too soon?

Of course. As for the symbols, if you are referring to unit information icons you can mouse over them and wait for tooltip. But I'm doing a help windows for next updates to make it more clear.

Welcome guys. have a question.  Is it possible to play the crusade in the west uk/us campaigns on the android mobile version?  Would be great if somebody knows


No, those aren't available, they are original SSI scenarios (which probably are still under copyright).

Thanks. Maybe some day... 

(2 edits)

hey nicu pavel i can not win rovstov defence even i kill capture all soviet  unit and capture all soviet hax 

and tell me how to win this please (my first bug)

ok nicu pavel i fix it now and win some scenorio :)

and i almost finish a leibstandarte campaign now :D


Clearly we need more campaigns :)

(2 edits)

sure we all need more and i have some idea of the new campaign like winter war, africa korp desert rat operation weserübung road to stalingrad etc. also add more prestige in early scenorio of das reich campaign Because it early scenorio it hard than another campaign even i play in operational difficulty


Wow :) Are those all brilliant ? 

yes except rovstov/epsom defence and charnwood scenorio Because this                   

this three defence scenorio need to wait for new unit and a roadblock show up a than you kill the roadblock and walk in to roadblock hex and this scenorio have one turn for brillint victory


hey what's up guys n ladies. I'm Zack I'm 26. I love love tactics and games like how you have created..  if it's cool I'd love to be on the development team. Cause I have lots and lots of $ making ideas...

Fabulous game Nicu - so well constructed and just what I have been searching for.  The scenarios  remind me of the hex games I used to play in younger years churned out by Strategy and Tactics (SPI) in USA with some epic campaigns such as Watch-am-Rhine and Barbarossa. I've not found anything near as good until this.  Bravo!  I love the graphics and the mechanisms, sometimes I feel that the AI is a little favoured, but this in itself is a challenge. Is there a way to switch on names of towns and cities? I sometimes get a bit lost with matching scenario description to map. Also, is there any proposition to introduce divisional cohesion and zones of control - or are these already built in? These are minor questions - I love the game.


Thank you ! The idea with cities names is actually great I'll see if I can do something. The zone of control is already built in but not drawn on screen (same as old PG2) and divisional cohesion it's the bonus that adjacent units receive if they have battlefield intelligence  leader. If you have more ideas about divisional cohesion let me know.

P.S. The graphics are not mine, they were done by the great people over at panzercentral.com forum. All kudos to them !

(1 edit)

it it seems that in the new leibsterdante campaign when you progress to the next scenario not all of the core units that you had purchased from the scenario of form transferred to next scenario that you're supposed to play most of the troops that I hand still intact at the end of scenario will not be in my unit roster when it's time to put away for the next one and it seems to be solely contain to the units that I purchased during the last scenario as opposed to the units that I started the lesson are you with in my roster I'm not sure if it's a false observation but it might be something to look into

Your core units should all progress to next scenario. Core units are the units that have the strength number bold with a border around.  If a core unit is destroyed it won't be available on next scenario.

I've continued playing the same campaign on historical difficulty and have gotten a bv for each scenario so far up until the Greek invasion and I just confirmed it for myself that not all of my core units are transferring to the next scenario... this time 1 of each artillery unit of which I had 3 different pairs and 1 of my recon of which I had 3 of 1 kind, did not transfer... I for sure did not lose a single unit during the preceeding scenario where you have the very easy battle in Yugoslavia... I know it's happens s couple times but I believe this has happened each time a new scenario loads from a previous one in the liebstersante campaign, and additionally each bv I achieve gives the new prototype unit when the next level loads but only after I refresh the page... the first time it loads it gives the message that I was awarded a new unit but it doesn't appear in the roster, once I reload the page though the prototype does end up showing up... I haven't noticed these issues with any of the other campaigns... I have been playing the game for a long time and have seen the progression of bug fixes and I'm very excited to see the final product, so much so that I'm going to be playing this bugs or not until it's released, thank you for addressing my concerns 

and is there anyway you could add some basic German mortar teams?

You can find the mortar team for Germany, on artillery section of equipment. Units like 12 GRW 42  or 8 GRW are mortar teams with pretty good range.

(1 edit)

when will you fix the issue to be able to load/deploy paratroopers that are part of your core army? in student scenario you can unload auxiliary paratroopers but can't reload them but you can't even do that with core army paratroopers...oh and just FYI this is by far the best game on Android and one of the most satisfying strategy games that I know of

Paratroopers can only be loaded on a airfield if it has free transports. The number of free transports can be found if you hover or click on the airfield terrain. Maybe I can improve "free transports" information this in next builds.

thank thank you I never noticed that it gives that option before... I went back and looked at what you were pointing out but the issue that I found is the option is not given for the free transports in the campaign versions of the scenarios only in the solo version of the scenarios

Been a big fan for a long time..  like the new stuff-payment forthcoming~

Thank you ! More content is coming, have fun and post feedback.

On the fourth battle of Kharkov scenario, in the Das Reich campaign, is the Russian objective hex with the Partisan unit on it reachable? None of my units seem to be able to move over the escarpment hexes

Yes it should be reachable:


Thanks for the tip and the link. Ill try to use the same tactic next time. However I am only playing on Historical, so not sure if it will be doable?

I think its a good idea to have scenarios where you can loose, but the player should be given a retreat option in case casualties gets too high and victory is in no sight. In fact what I like about your game is its graphics, UI and difficulty. The Ardenne campaign is a great example.; no starting prestige points and only a few reinforcements., plus the US opponent is putting up both a strong defense and counter attack.

Question. Would it be possible to script the AI to not move any infantry unit out of a big flag hex? When it does, it generally lose that flag in my next turn. 

"Re: "Das Reich" - Rise And Fall, Para's CC16 @100%
Postby Parabellum » 08 Sep 2018, 23:26

4 Closing in on Dunkirk lttv

I crawl on the gum. The enemy is far superior in numbers, has OS and a high entrenchment - a BV far, far away."

Reading Parabellums post I can only say that it was on the map Closing in on Dunkirk, were I finally understood that Tanks and vehvichles need to fight up front, while your INF and ART are mopping in the rear. On this map I managed to achieve a BV. After two or three tries that is. So it was not easy. Love it. 

Great game. Love it. 

Took me a while to understand that Panzers need to stay ahed, while the infantry and drawn artillery do to mop up in the rear. 

In the Kempf campaign you put in a training scenario, Unternehem Selöve, against an italian AI. This scenario is far too dificult. You dont have the prestige to buy enough bombers to take out the italian fleet. I lost 3/4 of my core team on the sea.

Idea for a solution: 

When the scenario is complete you need to give back all the lost units. So the player still has his core team. After all it is only a training scenario. Make it into a bonus level, where you can get some more prestige and then make the next scenario more difficult. 

Otherwise a great game. Thank you!

Thank you for feedback. Indeed the Unternehem from 'Das Reich' seems wrong, either a design error or I missed something when converting it back from the original designer. The 'Das Reich' campaign will be updated in the next version and this scenario will most likely be removed (it's fictional and confusing).  This campaign has a few scenarios where you are supposed to *lose* which is damn confusing to players and I want to rework those.

You can read some comments about it from players using original PG2 here: http://panzercentral.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=20&t=52275&p=771538&hilit=das+rei...

As for the tactics used, what you are using it's an actual blitzkrieg tactic. I personally do it the other way around, I attack with air, artillery, infantry (even considering bigger losses) and then I storm with armor to get the OverRun effect of tanks.