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Historical tactical scale World War 2 turn based strategy game, that puts the player in the role of an Axis or Allied army officer. You command battalion level units with the objective to fight with the enemies and to defeat crucial landscapes such as the cities, battlefields and other key strategic points.  Forge a battle winning army and conquer your foes. Do you have what it takes to be a Panzer Marshal ?

“No plan survives contact with the enemy”
                                                                  --  Field Marshal Erwin Rommel


• USA, German and Soviet campaigns in 100+ historical accurate scenarios, and introductory tutorial scenario. 
• 4000 historically accurate units, each unit having more than 20 stats and only being available depending on scenario year, based on AdlerKorps equipment. 30 countries available. 
• Build you own core army, train your core units to increase their experience, gain prestige to upgrade or buy new units, carry them over scenarios as the campaign progresses. 
• Units can gain Leaders in combat for more abilities 
• Special unit actions depending on unit class 
• Cross platform save/load game state at anytime beside the automatic turn save . Cloud based save/load game facility to continue playing on other devices. 
• 20 Terrain types that influence combat, weather and ground conditions, automatic reinforcements. 
• Strategic overview map of entire battlefield, clean user interface that never hides the battlefield from player. 
• Full featured unit upgrade/purchase Equipment window with sorting and filtering 

Thank you for your support,

Panzer Marshal

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Fabulous game Nicu - so well constructed and just what I have been searching for.  The scenarios  remind me of the hex games I used to play in younger years churned out by Strategy and Tactics (SPI) in USA with some epic campaigns such as Watch-am-Rhine and Barbarossa. I've not found anything near as good until this.  Bravo!  I love the graphics and the mechanisms, sometimes I feel that the AI is a little favoured, but this in itself is a challenge. Is there a way to switch on names of towns and cities? I sometimes get a bit lost with matching scenario description to map. Also, is there any proposition to introduce divisional cohesion and zones of control - or are these already built in? These are minor questions - I love the game.

Thank you ! The idea with cities names is actually great I'll see if I can do something. The zone of control is already built in but not drawn on screen (same as old PG2) and divisional cohesion it's the bonus that adjacent units receive if they have battlefield intelligence  leader. If you have more ideas about divisional cohesion let me know.

P.S. The graphics are not mine, they were done by the great people over at panzercentral.com forum. All kudos to them !

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it it seems that in the new leibsterdante campaign when you progress to the next scenario not all of the core units that you had purchased from the scenario of form transferred to next scenario that you're supposed to play most of the troops that I hand still intact at the end of scenario will not be in my unit roster when it's time to put away for the next one and it seems to be solely contain to the units that I purchased during the last scenario as opposed to the units that I started the lesson are you with in my roster I'm not sure if it's a false observation but it might be something to look into

Your core units should all progress to next scenario. Core units are the units that have the strength number bold with a border around.  If a core unit is destroyed it won't be available on next scenario.

I've continued playing the same campaign on historical difficulty and have gotten a bv for each scenario so far up until the Greek invasion and I just confirmed it for myself that not all of my core units are transferring to the next scenario... this time 1 of each artillery unit of which I had 3 different pairs and 1 of my recon of which I had 3 of 1 kind, did not transfer... I for sure did not lose a single unit during the preceeding scenario where you have the very easy battle in Yugoslavia... I know it's happens s couple times but I believe this has happened each time a new scenario loads from a previous one in the liebstersante campaign, and additionally each bv I achieve gives the new prototype unit when the next level loads but only after I refresh the page... the first time it loads it gives the message that I was awarded a new unit but it doesn't appear in the roster, once I reload the page though the prototype does end up showing up... I haven't noticed these issues with any of the other campaigns... I have been playing the game for a long time and have seen the progression of bug fixes and I'm very excited to see the final product, so much so that I'm going to be playing this bugs or not until it's released, thank you for addressing my concerns 

and is there anyway you could add some basic German mortar teams?

You can find the mortar team for Germany, on artillery section of equipment. Units like 12 GRW 42  or 8 GRW are mortar teams with pretty good range.

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when will you fix the issue to be able to load/deploy paratroopers that are part of your core army? in student scenario you can unload auxiliary paratroopers but can't reload them but you can't even do that with core army paratroopers...oh and just FYI this is by far the best game on Android and one of the most satisfying strategy games that I know of

Paratroopers can only be loaded on a airfield if it has free transports. The number of free transports can be found if you hover or click on the airfield terrain. Maybe I can improve "free transports" information this in next builds.

thank thank you I never noticed that it gives that option before... I went back and looked at what you were pointing out but the issue that I found is the option is not given for the free transports in the campaign versions of the scenarios only in the solo version of the scenarios

Been a big fan for a long time..  like the new stuff-payment forthcoming~

Thank you ! More content is coming, have fun and post feedback.

On the fourth battle of Kharkov scenario, in the Das Reich campaign, is the Russian objective hex with the Partisan unit on it reachable? None of my units seem to be able to move over the escarpment hexes

Yes it should be reachable:


Thanks for the tip and the link. Ill try to use the same tactic next time. However I am only playing on Historical, so not sure if it will be doable?

I think its a good idea to have scenarios where you can loose, but the player should be given a retreat option in case casualties gets too high and victory is in no sight. In fact what I like about your game is its graphics, UI and difficulty. The Ardenne campaign is a great example.; no starting prestige points and only a few reinforcements., plus the US opponent is putting up both a strong defense and counter attack.

Question. Would it be possible to script the AI to not move any infantry unit out of a big flag hex? When it does, it generally lose that flag in my next turn. 

"Re: "Das Reich" - Rise And Fall, Para's CC16 @100%
Postby Parabellum » 08 Sep 2018, 23:26

4 Closing in on Dunkirk lttv

I crawl on the gum. The enemy is far superior in numbers, has OS and a high entrenchment - a BV far, far away."

Reading Parabellums post I can only say that it was on the map Closing in on Dunkirk, were I finally understood that Tanks and vehvichles need to fight up front, while your INF and ART are mopping in the rear. On this map I managed to achieve a BV. After two or three tries that is. So it was not easy. Love it. 

Great game. Love it. 

Took me a while to understand that Panzers need to stay ahed, while the infantry and drawn artillery do to mop up in the rear. 

In the Kempf campaign you put in a training scenario, Unternehem Selöve, against an italian AI. This scenario is far too dificult. You dont have the prestige to buy enough bombers to take out the italian fleet. I lost 3/4 of my core team on the sea.

Idea for a solution: 

When the scenario is complete you need to give back all the lost units. So the player still has his core team. After all it is only a training scenario. Make it into a bonus level, where you can get some more prestige and then make the next scenario more difficult. 

Otherwise a great game. Thank you!

Thank you for feedback. Indeed the Unternehem from 'Das Reich' seems wrong, either a design error or I missed something when converting it back from the original designer. The 'Das Reich' campaign will be updated in the next version and this scenario will most likely be removed (it's fictional and confusing).  This campaign has a few scenarios where you are supposed to *lose* which is damn confusing to players and I want to rework those.

You can read some comments about it from players using original PG2 here: http://panzercentral.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=20&t=52275&p=771538&hilit=das+rei...

As for the tactics used, what you are using it's an actual blitzkrieg tactic. I personally do it the other way around, I attack with air, artillery, infantry (even considering bigger losses) and then I storm with armor to get the OverRun effect of tanks.