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Panzer Marshal

Tactical scale World War 2 turn based strategy game, that puts the player in the role of an Axis or Allied army general. · By Nicu Pavel


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Panzer Marshal 3.2.3 (beta) release
Version 3.2.3 is a fix update for the large batch of campaigns added in 3.2.2 version. Along with campaign fixes I also added the following features: 1) Impleme...
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Panzer Marshal 3.2.2 (beta) release
Version 3.2.2 it's a big content update. There are 5 new campaigns with medium difficulty level but with a lot of fun and historical information. 1) German Worl...
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Panzer Marshal 3.2.1 Release
Version 3.2.1 released as a quick fix for an issue with UNDO button that could make a scenario unwinnable, if player uses UNDO on a unit that moved onto an alre...
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Panzer Marshal 3.2.0 release
List of changes for the 3.2.0 release UI: Don't popup unit list window when AI has units to deploy UI: Restyle menu windows UI: Air force units will draw moveme...
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Panzer Marshal version 3.1.0 release
This release rebrands the game from Open Panzer to a more "catchy" name: **Panzer Marshal**. Campaigns: Added 2 new German campaigns ported by Alexander Sayenko...
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