Panzer Marshal 3.2.10 Release

The 3.2.10 release:

  • Updated LSSAH Kerson scenario from Alexander Sayenko
  • Updated Japanese Bandar-e scenario to fix wrong units showing as ships
  • Updated adlerkorps equipment with latest version
  • Don't allow buying prototype/sea/expired units by clicking on them
  • Allow click on weather icons to get combat log window even on deploy stage
  • Fix for campaign player having air/naval transports reset when progressing in campaign


panzermarshal-3.2.10.dmg 398 MB
Oct 25, 2020
PanzerMarshal 3.2.10 linux 361 MB
Oct 25, 2020
PanzerMarshal 3.2.10 win x64-Setup.exe 327 MB
Oct 25, 2020

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Где русская версия  ? 

Great update Nicu - again thank you so much! Best turned based strategy game on the internet.



The game is very good, but it has some problem.

1. When I upgrade a tank (IS-1 to T-44 on russian campaign in online version), the tank will be the new one. But the movement values of it remain the IS-1. For example the IS-1 can move 5 hexes. When I upgrade to T-44, it shows me in its values 6 movement, but I can move only 5 in the battle. (I think all the values remain the previous despite the upgrade.)

2. When I upgrade an infantry unit to Panzergrenadier or SS Panzergrenadier (until campaign) it can't move 6 hexes. It can move only 2 despite it should move 6 hexes. I think the values of the unit remain the previous unit.

3. The air defense units can't attack ground units. And anti tank units can't attack air units. Despite they can. (For example 88mm anti tank ot 88mm FLAK.) It wouldn't be problem, but the auto enemy can do it. The enemy can shot the planes with anti tank (and can shot the ground units with air defense), but I can't.

4. It would be good if I could strenght up the units before deploying. Now I can strenght them only until the battle.

5. It would be good if I could be upgrade to the before version of the units. For example when I buy a Brandenburger or other strong infantry on the beginning of the campaign, I can't upgrade back to cheaper (but more modern) unit.

Thank you Your help and I wish you a lot of success!

Ma bucur ca ai o actualizare, e un joc foarte bun. Am o intrebare, cum pot porni versiunea de linux? Mersi!