Panzer Marshal 3.2.10 Release

The 3.2.10 release:

  • Updated LSSAH Kerson scenario from Alexander Sayenko
  • Updated Japanese Bandar-e scenario to fix wrong units showing as ships
  • Updated adlerkorps equipment with latest version
  • Don't allow buying prototype/sea/expired units by clicking on them
  • Allow click on weather icons to get combat log window even on deploy stage
  • Fix for campaign player having air/naval transports reset when progressing in campaign


panzermarshal-3.2.10.dmg 398 MB
31 days ago
PanzerMarshal 3.2.10 linux 361 MB
31 days ago
PanzerMarshal 3.2.10 win x64-Setup.exe 327 MB
31 days ago

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