Panzer Marshal 3.2.0 release

List of changes for the 3.2.0 release

UI: Don't popup unit list window when AI has units to deploy
UI: Restyle menu windows
UI: Air force units will draw movement hexes over the ground units and viceversa to be less confusing when selecting other units.
UI: Split reinforce and overstrength in two steps now you reinforce to 10 first and then overstrength to 10 + unit experience/100
UI: Better message on single scenario play when losing due to enemy capturing all hexes
UI: Fix possible unit overwrite on deployment

GameRules: Overstrength now cost 20% more than usual reinforcements
GameRules: Fixed issue with transports that couldn't attack. Fixes issues with 88m flak mounted to 88mm anti-tank that couldn't fire.
GameRules: Fix submarines attack and defense values
GameRules: Submarines can only be attacked by destroyers and tactical bombers as in PG2
GameRules: Limit unit experience to 1000. Always get a leader at 1000 exp.
GameRules: Don't reset strength to 10 if unit was overstrength to a higher value

Campaigns: LSSAH and Wacht am Rhein updates from Alexander Sayenko
Campaigns: Rework and reduce the difficulty of Das Reich

Scenarios: Automatic balance improvements
Scenarios: Fixed and improved tutorial scenario

AI: Reduce chance of a unit leaving objective undefended when surrounded
AI: Make it less important for Naval units to approach objectives

iOS: Fixed bouncing text now showing properly on front
iOS: Fixed next unit arrow.


Beta-PanzerMarshal 3.2.0 win x64-Setup.exe 155 MB
Mar 12, 2019
beta-panzermarshal-3.2.0.dmg 202 MB
Mar 12, 2019
Beta-PanzerMarshal 3.2.0 linux 177 MB
Mar 12, 2019

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