Panzer Marshal 3.2.7 Release

The 3.2.7 release adds:

  1. US Army Pacific Campaign
  2. US Marines Pacific Campaign
  3. Improved UI especially for deployment phase
  4. AI should no longer flee the objectives even if they face an overwhelming force
  5. Tank Overrun is now toned down
  6. Key L to hide all labels (remember you can click on them to hide)
  7. Fix planes being shown as bridge when over a bridge unit
  8. Fix Drive to Smolensk scenario issues
  9. Support for multiple equipment files (each campaign can have it's own equipment)
  10. Save game size reduction to help alleviate Android issues.

There might be some rough edges to the newly added campaign please add your comments to the Panzer Marshal Issue Tracker


panzermarshal-3.2.7.dmg 345 MB
Mar 20, 2020
PanzerMarshal 3.2.7 linux 315 MB
Mar 20, 2020
PanzerMarshal 3.2.7 win x64-Setup.exe 280 MB
Mar 20, 2020

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Русификатор планируется ?  


I think the Tank Overrun is now way to much  toned down. I mean is not fun enough when there is no Tank Overrun at all. That was “the magic” of the Panzers in the Panzer General games, you could do some more damage with the Overrun function.

I agree that on the 3.2.6 Panzer Marshal release this function was maybe to “exaggerated” but I think that you have to reintroduce it, at a reduced  scale, maybe.

What do you think?

Thank you.


The tank overrun change only affects how much movement points you get back. Now I respect the older Panzer General 2 formula where the moves after an overrun are moves left + 1. Before after an over run the unit got the whole movement points back.


Thank you for your response. So, only to understand right , will you also implement this: "the moves after an overrun are moves left + 1”? Because now it does not seem to be that way. Or maybe I am wrong.

Thank you

Yes, exactly like that. What do you experience, no more moves after overrun ?

I only played very short,  but I think that was the case, yes. Now I don't play because of the save game issue.

Could you attach me a save game that doesn't work on github: