Panzer Marshal 3.2.2 (beta) release

Version 3.2.2 it's a big content update. There are 5 new campaigns with medium difficulty level but with a lot of fun and historical information.

1) German World Campaign a well detailed gigantic campaign with 50 scenarios
2) United States World Campaign a semi historical campaign with 25 scenarios which has a few USA vs Soviet Union hypothetical scenarios.
3) United Kingdom World Campaign a fun historical campaign that also portraits battles in eastern Africa against Italian Army and then continues in Europe until end of war over 24 scenarios
4) Italian Afrika Korps Campaign a 31 scenario campaign that focuses on battles that took place on African soil.
5) Romanian Campaign In an effort to reclaim old territories lost to Soviet Union,  Romania mustered more combat troops for the Nazi war effort than all of Germany's other allies combined. This 17 scenario historical campaign presents the course of battles fought by Romanian army from the beginning of Operation Barbarossa, Stalingrad disaster and finishing with ousting of pro-nazi regime and continuing the fight along Soviet Union against his former ally.

There are also a few fixes for equipment, ui and previous campaigns.


panzermarshal-3.2.2-beta.dmg 485 MB
May 13, 2019
PanzerMarshal 3.2.2-beta linux 460 MB
May 13, 2019
PanzerMarshal 3.2.2-beta win x64-Setup.exe 439 MB
May 13, 2019

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nicu when you exit a mission then come back using the continue game button it glithes out and lets you buy every unit for your faction regardless of date already ruined two of my playthroughs for british world campaign and german world campaign

Platform that you play on ?

sorry  wasnt on for a while. i was playing on windows i will play the new version and see if the issue was somehow resolved

I could be able to end that battle going so slowly, saving step by step, also I noticed some similar at Narvik battle with German campaign, when ur enemies have alot units to fight, the computer stays hold, just says computer turn and never ends this turn

SOS, playing Malta battle the game crashed when f****ing Tommy used their f****ing Carrier Iluistrious, stays hold


Do you have a save ? Playing on PC or Android/iOS ?

Windows system, sorry, forget say it

Trying to find and fix this issue for next release

When your enemies can use battleship or cruiser besides ground troops the play can not run right and leave computer turn blocked, I try to saving each turn mine and for computer 

Hello, I am trying to run Panzer Marshall 3.2.2 in my tablet in Android but I can't make it to run, I am losted trying to play it

Juan Manuel Garretas

For now the beta releases are not available for mobile (Android/iOS). Best way to play it on Android would be to use the web browser and go to


Nicu, Just downloaded the 3.2.1 and 3.2.2 beta versions for Mac.  The first scenario in the Russian campaign worked fine.  But in both versions when I get to the 2nd scenario against the Italians, I don't see the hexes for allowed movement of a unit shadow as normal and don't see the red highlights for arty  targets.  I can move but have to guess or turn on hexes and count how many I can move.  And when I move within range of an enemy unit, I can't fire, even though it will give an estimate of the damages both sides will take.   Is it better to play on the web or should I be using an Android app on my Mac laptop?  Thanks. 

Mac app should be fine. It would be great if you could "Save to Cloud" and give me the ID of the save game so I can look.

Do you mean an Android app on the Mac?   Right now I am just running the program directly on the Mac.   Also, when

I tried to play online first, I could not do local saves which is why I downloaded the dmg.  I will try to save to cloud and let you look. 

Here is the Cloud save:  72175c1750f73cdbbc86a9ebe4b5af38

I noticed that in 3.2.1 the AI put reinforcements or bought units in the

rounds just before the BV deadline and bought lots of very cheap infantry. 

Did not see that happen in 3.2.2   Was there a change in reinforcements

for Operation Uranus scenario, or just a random AI thing?


I figured it out.  In both versions 3.2.1 and 3.2.2, one just needs to click on the wrench several times in a row and then the allowed movement ranges (shadowing of hexes) is visible.  In both versions, if one starts to load a file and then clicks cancel, the program quits which is annoying but a minor issue.  I have been continuing the Russian campaign with 3.2.1 but now maybe I will go back to 3.2.2 to see if I have any other issues.   Thanks.    Is there a complete description of the differences between the two versions somewhere? 

Glad that you figured out, that UI interaction is quite bad but I haven't yet found a way to do it better.

For changes please see:

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Hi. I think i found a bug. Everytime i stop playing for the day and come back the next day, The date bugs and it says 'NaN', which proceeds to give me access to the units which were locked by the year system. I would post a picture but i'm new to Sorry.


I like this version :)